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Hello Lovelies!

I’ve finally started blogging. After years and years of reading other people’s amazing blogs I’ve finally took the plunge and started my own. I plan to write twice a week (hopefully!). I want to write a weekend blog as I’m always out and about somewhere and then post about another topic during the week. So I thought I’d best introduce myself a little.

 10 Facts about me!

1. I am a big animal lover. I have two cats, called Marty and Brooks, that stay with me and my boyfriend Dougie however when I lived with my mum and dad we had dogs, cats, a tortoise, rats and rabbits. Our house was a wee bit of a zoo at times.

2. I am the oldest. I have two younger sisters called Laura and Andrea and we grew up in a small village in the east of Scotland.


3. I used to be a Nanny and it was the most amazing job. I spent my days playing in the garden, feeding chickens and piglets and going to singing classes.

4. I was born in December so winter is my favorite season. I am very dissapointed that we haven’t had any snow here yet.

5. I love everything and anything Disney. Growing up with two sisters meant it was all things girly (my poor dad) so I always loved anything to do with Princesses. Brave and Moana are definitely my favorites movies.

6. I love love love a cup of tea! I cannot go a day without having a cup.

7. I’m really interested in History, so anything that’s old and has a story then I’m interested in it. I especially enjoy learning about World War 2 and I’ve been lucky enough to go visit some places such as Auschwitz and Schindlers factory in Krakow.

7. My favorite sport is Ice Hockey. I have been watching it since I was born. My dad used to play and work at the rink so its pretty much always been part of my life.

8. Call the Midwife is my favorite television programme and I can’t wait for the new series to start on Christmas day.

9. Warsaw has been my favorite city that I have visited. It’s such an unusual place. Its has a beautiful old town, which was rebuilt after being destroyed during the war, quirky little shops and the most amazing Christmas lights.

10. I am member of The National Trust for Scotland. Me and Dougie were talked into signing up whilst visiting Falkand Palace and its been worth every penny. We always have a place to go and explore if its a rainy day.

So that’s a little about me. I hope that everyone will enjoy reading my future posts. Our house is getting decorated fairly soon so I will be doing a decor post and also I hope to share our ongoing fertility story.

Hopefully this is start of a great adventure. Let me know what you think.



13 thoughts on “Hello World | All about me

  1. This was an amazing first post!! I also love animals and I enjoy learning about World War 2 as well. I’d love to travel to Auchwitz and other places that have historical meaning.💕Can’t wait to read more!


  2. Nice to meet you! You sound like such a wonderful person and me and you are so similar! Both lovers of tea, animals and Moana! Can’t wait to see more 😊 Xx
    Sophia || Sophia’s Sphere || pearlsofsphere.blog 🌺


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