Infertility Diaries – Part One

It’s funny how you spend your late teens/early 20s on the pill doing everything you possible can to not get pregnant. That was me, I had always wanted children but was always safe and always on contraception. Without going into TMI. My periods had always been really irregular. I would go months and months with nothing then it would just appear randomly but I can still here my mum saying “I was the same until I had you. It will get better”. But it didn’t!

When I had to come off the pill for different reasons, me and Dougie spoke about it and decided well let’s just seen what happens. We hadn’t really planned to have kids just yet but we were in the position that if it did happen, all would be fine.

Fast forward a year and still no sign of a period, let alone a baby bump so we decided to go to the doctor and they referred me to the gynaecologist. I had scans when I was younger to to check for Polycystic Ovaries and they had told me I had a couple of cysts. At my appointment last January I had another scan and this confirmed I had no cysts and nothing that seemed to let us know what was going on.

I returned to the hospital a few weeks later and after talking it through we decided to ask if we could be referred for fertility treatment. Luckily the agreed! I waited until September before I got my first appointment. I was so excited to finally be getting somewhere and we both looked forward to the day!

When we were there I got so nervous. We both got weighed and blood pressure taken then we had to go wait again. The longer I waited the more anxious I got. Silly things like “am Really 100% ready to possibly be a mum” or “what happens if they say I can’t have children”

When we eventually got to meet the doctor we spoke through all our medical history and some possibilities of what the problem could be. After some chatting he prescribed me Provera, a form of progesterone hormone to induce a period so I could have blood test to check my hormone levels. I was also booked me in for a laparoscopy and dye test to look inside my abdomen and check my Fallopian tubes.

I took my Provera and all worked well. This could mean that I’m low on progesterone but we still need to find out if I ovulate or not. On the 17th November I went into the day ward for my procedure. I have never felt so scared in my life. I was terrified of getting put to sleep. I don’t know exactly why I was scared but I was so close to getting out the bed and just leaving. When I got into the little room waiting to get put under, I started crying then the next thing I knew I was awake and asking the nurse what kind of dog she owned (this still makes me laugh whenever I think about it)

The lap and dye went well. The surgeon told me I had no blockages and could see no other problems. It was a major relief to have it over and done with and I felt fine straight after so I was able to head home that evening. That weekend I had to travel to Cardiff. A 8 hour car journey isn’t really a great idea after a laparoscopy however the biggest struggle was with the air that becomes trapped inside your abdomen. It causes shoulder and rib pain and it was easily one of the sorest things I’ve experienced but slowly I got better and it started to heal. I was off work for 4 weeks as I’m a very slow healer but I was soon back to normal in time for Christmas.

Now I am just waiting for my next appointment to go over everything and see what happens next! Hopefully March comes around quickly.

Have you ever been through fertility treatment or have poly cystic ovaries. Let me know your experiences.



39 thoughts on “Infertility Diaries – Part One

    1. I know, I always feel very young compared with everyone going through fertility treatment so it’s nice to hear from someone my age. Hope everything is going aswell as it can be for you💕


  1. This is a great post – thank you for sharing! I have Polycratic Ovaries and it is a worry for the future. Good luck with your journey, I hope everything works out for you! x

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  2. You’re so brave for sharing such a personal experience & I’m sure this will help many women going through a similar situation! I’m 22 & I have always wanted children, & although I’m trying my best to wait, sometimes I worry about things like this. Thank you for sharing your story 🙂 I truly wish you the best of luck!

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  3. Thank YOU for sharing YOUR story! Since miscarriage/infertility are so taboo, I have decided to break my own silence. Having gone through 5 miscarriages and years of infertility myself. Newly established blogger and YouTube vlogger, I am inviting you to follow me to help us spread our stories to other hurting women and families. Would you consider following me?

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  4. I am so sorry y’all are on this journey too. We have been struggling for 4 years to have a family, and they assume I have PCOS too. I have an entire blog dedicated to our infertility struggle. You are so not alone in this. I wish y’all the best and hope that you are able to have a little miracle soon.

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  5. One of the women that was apart of my infertility group had poly cystic ovaries, including some other issues, and she was able to overcome all odds and become pregnant. I hope this will give you some encouragement. I know when I started to talk about my struggle and meet other women who were going through the same thing, that it made it huge difference and I actually ended up getting pregnant within that year after six years of struggle. My heart goes out to you and I hope everything goes well.

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  6. Thank you for sharing! I’m 28 and have been struggling with irregular periods for years and came off the pill a long time ago. Still no joy in conceiving yet! I hope your journey goes well for you xx

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  7. Good luck with everything. I came across your post and it’s like I’ve written it. I’m going through exactly the same thing and we have the same name. I’ve had a few more treatments though as I’m 3 nearly 4years of trying and 2 years being seen by a specialist. Everything crossed for you.

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