I spent roughly 2 years as a nanny for a wonderful family. Everyone thinks of a Mary Poppins figure when they think of a nanny and think its all playing games, watching movies and baking cakes but let me tell you it’s far more than that. I started the job with little experience, I knew the basics of childcare, but I had to be a quick learner. I left that job a completely different person and it taught me not only some life skills but gave me some experience for when I have my own children. Here are the 5 things no one tell you about being a nanny.

A lot of jobs you can leave at 5 o clock and forget about it. This is not the case when your working as a nanny. You think of them all the time when your off work. It can be a song that will bring back a little memory or a book will remind you of a special little moment you shared with them. For me it’s when I see blueberries (booberies) or when I see a tractor. You could be out shopping and see something and think oh they would love that. On the other hand you’ll worry about them, for example if they are unwell or you wonder did they have a good day, This isn’t obviously a terrible thing and shows how much you care for them and at the end of the day you’ll be back to see them again soon.

There will be times when being a nanny is hard. You must adapt to being in someone else’s house and your views and opinions may not always be the same. There will also be ways that they would like things done that you wouldn’t necessarily do yourself however, communication and being consistent is a key part of being a nanny.
The job isn’t just about caring for the child, obviously its the biggest part of the job but there may be times that you might do some cleaning, maybe cook or pick up some shopping. Sometimes you might start doing these things as a one off and suddenly they have been added to your list of things you have to do. Then there is your finishing time, be sure to always add on at least half an hour as there is always one more thing to do!

I had never really looked after kids by myself before I got a job as a nanny. It wasn’t until the first time I had sole charge of an 8 month old that I suddenly realised what I had got myself into. Fast forward to about a year later and I was waving off the parents who were away on holiday for a week. I was suddenly responsible for a toddler, a 4-month-old, 2 dogs and 9 bedroom country house. In the blink of an eye I was their lifeline. I had to make sure they were fed and watered, washed and dressed as well as, keeping on top of laundry, dishes, feeding the dogs and going to any appointments or classes they may go to.

I could guarantee that I would be ill at least once a month because when they were ill there was no way I would get away with it. Snotty noses being wiped all over your face whilst they use you as a human climbing frame, sloppy morning and good night kisses, cleaning up nappy explosions are not the most glamorous sides of being a nanny to small children. People would laugh at me when I could tell people that I will be ill tomorrow because I just knew there was no escaping it. There were days I had to drag myself out of bed because I felt so ill however at the end of the day it is all worth it and made me feel better when I seen their smiling little faces.

I was lucky enough to be part of an amazing family who, although I was a live out nanny, took me in like one of their own and was always made to feel loved and thanked. Not only was I welcomed but my family were to. When the baby was just a few weeks old the parents went out for the day to a wedding and they were happy for my mum to come along and help me with the two children and if they went away for the weekend they allowed me to bring my sisters to stay overnight with me, as a big 200 year old county house can be rather scary when your by yourself. Even now, after 3 years, we all still stay in touch and see each other and go for day out.

Being a nanny can be a difficult and stressful job and not always as glamourous as people may think but for me it has been one of the most special and rewarding jobs I have ever done.




  1. Great blog, Emma!
    I used to “work” in a childcare facility (actually it was ran through my highschool and students could earn credits and expirenace through the program) and it was alot of fun! You’re right, we totally get attached to these kids! I miss it sometimes.

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  2. This is a wonderful post! I know a few people who have had a nanny job after leaving school and it’s something that I would love to do, however, there are no positions like this near me so I settle for occasional babysitting! It sounds like you had a wonderful experience which I’m ever so glad at. I’m sure the hands-on experience has given you lots of transferable skills you can use elsewhere?!
    Best Wishes
    Amy x

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