Hello Little House 

oh how she loved to be home”

We are getting our house decorated next week and hopefully we will be one step closer to it being completed. I thought I would introduce our little house that has been a work in progress for the 3 years me and Dougie have been together.

Dougie had bought the house before I met him. It was his friends grans old house and hadn’t been updated in years so he stripped the whole lot back to the brick. The first time I visited the house there was a rubble filled skip in the drive, the bathroom had absolutely no floor and there was a kitchen hidden under dust sheets and cardboard.

When we moved in there was a finished bathroom and kind of finished kitchen. It had 2 arm chairs in it that had been given to us, so it doubled up as our livingroom. Many cosy nights were spent sitting in that kitchen planning. Sleeping arrangements consisted of an airbed for the first few nights, with a tiny little tv balanced on a paint tin. Which at the time was complete  hell but now when we look back we laugh!

Dougie is an electrician so has to work alot but we eventually got around to laying the oak flooring and got the place plastered. One of my funniest memories was the time I had a broken wrist. I wasnt allowed to work and kept complaining I was bored so Dougie taught me how to fit sockets. Not your most romantic evening but we had fun dancing around to music getting on with the house.

We sort of decorated in time for Christmas last year! The 16th of December is a date I always remember because it was the day the carpets got layed. I spent the rest of the night running around because I was excited that there was no more floorboards.

Since last Christmas it has just been left. Lived in. Everywhere needs properly painted and pictures and things need put on the wall to make it more personal but thats happening next week. We also have another bedroom which right now I can only describe as the dumping ground. It is where all the materials for the house went and seem to have reamined. We decided to finish the rest of the house first before cracking on with what will be our bedroom.

So thats our big plans for next year. We go to Florida in January then after that we are getting straight to it. Finishing the few finishing touches then onto our room!  then tackling the garden (argh) but that can wait!

This house will be completed this time next year!! 


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