“Travel Plans for 2018

As soon as I arrived home from Florida I was thinking about where I will be off to next. I’m the kind of person that gets down and bored if I don’t have any plans to look forward to. As we were just in Benidorm in October and Orlando was our big holiday for 2018, we decided that we would spend the rest of the year closer to home.

Both me and Dougie love going on adventures and snooping about where ever we come across, so we have decided that we want to see more of our own country. We also have a lot of little trips planned to keep us busy then we hopefully organise a wee getaway somewhere at Christmas.


Beamish is an open-air museum in Stanley near Durham. It tells the story of life in Britain during the 1800’s, early 1900s and during war times. There is a farm  you can visit and find out what life was like during WW2, try some homemade baking in the pit village and take a trip down the drift mine, which is guided by real miners. We visited here last August and loved it, there is so much to do. You travel to various parts in old fashioned trams, buses and trains and the cottages all have their fireplaces roaring and its really like you’ve been transported back in time. Its excellent value for money because when you buy a ticket for the day you can then use it to return as many times as you like for the next year. Therefore we want to make sure we can fit in another visit and make the most of it as it’s the type of place you could go again and again and see something new.

Isle of Skye

This is a place we have wanted to visit for a while but have never got around too. Our plan is to go here around May, when hopefully the weather will be getting a little warmer. Camping is the plan for our big summer trip, so we want to try our camping stuff and make sure we get on ok with it all. I’ve looked at a couple of different sites that we will use as a base then we will spend the days driving around and seeing as much as we can. There is a couple of things I would like to do in Skye including the Fairy Pools and Fairy Glen but apart from that I just want to have a chilled holiday, going for a drive and seeing what exciting places we come across.

The North Coast 500

I cannot wait to do this! Basically, it is a 500 mile coastal route around the tip of Scotland, its pretty much the Scottish equivalent of route 66. There is wonderful scenery, places to explore such as caves and cute little villages. Then there’s the sandy beaches, that so I’ve been told, rival the likes of Spain! We also are members of the National Trust for Scotland and there is a couple of properties up there that we would like to visit. As we plan on making this into a week long road trip we are going to camp a few nights then stay in the Wigwams on other nights. I know a couple of people who have done this and said it is amazing and defiantly worth the drive. Just need to keep my fingers crossed that we get a decent summer!

Call the Midwife Tour

This is my favourite show of all time and I’ve watched it since the day it came on TV. Only a few weeks ago whilst on holiday I came across an article about the tour of the filming locations. You get to see behind the scenes at streets, slums and warehouses that’s are used in the show and your tour guide is a uniformed midwife. You also get entry into the Dockyard, which costs £24, so it’s worth paying £25 for the tour then spending the entire day there checking out the rest of the exhibits. The tour is at the Historic Chatham Dockyard in Kent which is a long way from Fife, so I want to find out if there is anything around about here that is worth us checking out. If you know anywhere, please let me know!

Winter Holiday

Me and Dougie love a wintery holiday. We have been to Poland and Germany after Christmas, but we really want to go somewhere to see some Christmas markets. It will most likely be somewhere cheap as its an expensive time of year already so I’m thinking somewhere like Prague, Ljubljana or Budapest. Have you been to any of the Christmas Markets?

We certainly have a lot planned and hope that we can fit it all in. If you have visited these places or have any suggestions about activities, I would love to hear them so, let me know in the comments.



15 thoughts on ““Travel Plans for 2018

  1. I love going for little adventures in my local area! I’m coming over to the mainland UK in a few weeks for my friends wedding in Canterbury and then I’m going to Donegal, Ireland at the end of the month and then Spain in April! Busy (and expensive!) times!

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  2. The North Coast 500 sounds so incredible! I think I’m going to have to look into that myself.

    I hope get to fit everything in! xx

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  3. My uni campus was on Chatham Dockyard and you’d see people walking around doing the tours sometimes. I had absolutely no idea they charged that much for you to do it! Also, Chatham is not the greatest area so tourist destinations aren’t exactly high. The town next to Chatham is Rochester which is lovely to spend a few hours in. You could visit the Cathedral and there are some lovely coffee shops etc. To be honest, the best thing about Chatham is that it’s about 40 minutes by train from London one way and about the same to Canterbury the other way, not a lot going on in the town itself x


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  4. So cool that you guys get to plan the places you want to go :). Beamish looks really interesting. I love looking at historical buildings and appreciate the quality of architect. The Isle of Skye looks gorgeous! The mountains out in Spain are cool! Thanks for sharing your thoughts :).


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